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summer 2023

the caregiver's journey--- Part 2: looking after yourself

Doing the best you can for your loved one requires meeting your own needs, too.

spring 2023

the caregiver's journey--- Part 1: preparing for caring

One day you may need to provide care for a loved one. How ready are you to handle it?

September 9, 2022

should age be on the ballot?

How concerned should voters be about candidates’ ages?

July 15, 2022

Selling the idea of pro-aging advertisements

We should convince marketers to create ads that accurately reflect the character and value of older adults.


welcome to elderhood

In a society that has created rituals celebrating different life stages, why not hold rites of passage honoring our later years?

March 8, 2022

exposing the face of ageism

Gerontologist Tracey Gendron reveals why understanding the complexities of age bias is a vital first step in taking effective actions to end it

Spring 2022

the write stuff

Expressing your thoughts and feelings on paper is a powerful way to boost your health, healing, and happiness.

January 12, 2022

How Photos Showing Older Adult Hands Reveal Cultural Bias

Photos of old hands…are they ageist? Not necessarily, but it’s what the hands are doing that matters.

winter 2021

an age of vulnerability

In a post–COVID-19 society, what must we do to reduce old-age vulnerability to illness and death?    The answer may surprise you.

FALL 2021

learning on purpose --- the older and wiser way

Being back in a classroom can help you reach your goals—if you take advantage of your older-brain skills.



Living our fullest third act means replacing age shame with age pride.

Summer 2019

50 Ways to Thrive in Your Third Act


In order to nurture every part of who you are and enhance everything you want to do, consider these 50 tips for aging well.

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