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Know (and Celebrate) Your Assets in the Aging Process (Part 1)


In this first of a two-part interview with solo living advisor and advocate Carol Marak on her Solo and Smart channel, I discuss the realities of aging, with an emphasis on the cognitive and behavioral assets we accumulate as we get older --- of which most people are completely unaware. I also explain the important social roles that older adults can play, first coined by Maggie Kuhn, the founder of the Gray Panthers.

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How to Disrupt Ageism in Our Own Lives! (It's very freeing!!) (Part 2)


In this second of a two-part interview with solo living advisor and advocate Carol Marak on her Solo and Smart channel, I offer strategies for counteracting the ageism we experience from others --- or even within our own heads. I also introduce my "What's your AND?" strategy, an unexpected and refreshing new way to view aging, and I explain what I mean when I say that older adults are Master Climbers and Master Changers.


assets of aging: a social gerontologist's view


In The Big Middle podcast from London, I speak with Susan Flory about why old age is a fluid concept, the importance of using ideas, words, actions to end the scourge of ageism, and why we're at a tipping point of global efforts to stop socioeconomic ageism. We focus our discussion on the need to be aware of the positive aspects of aging and to share that knowledge with others.

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A social gerontologist telling the "Real story about aging"


In her Boomer Best U newsletter, Paula Marie Usrey profiles my journey as a social gerontologist and my reasons for being committed to changing people's minds about aging. 

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How to Deal With Ageism From Doctors and Nurses


In Next Avenue, Judith Graham, the Navigating Aging columnist for Kaiser Health News, interviews me and others on ways older adults can receive effective and respectful medical care.

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tips to communicate better with your doctors

On this Los Angeles morning show, I speak with host Michaela Pereira about specific ways in which older adults can make the most out of visits to their doctors' offices. We discuss why older patients may experience problems with being understood and getting their needs met, as well as ways to self-advocate and be active partners in their care.

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Episode 18: Why Fighting Ageism is Important

I appeared on Ian Thompson's "Your Longest Life" podcast to discuss timely topics on aging, including the assets of the older brain, the advantages of intergenerational work teams, and the need to challenge ageism everywhere.

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Charlotte And The Aging Boom:    Are We Ready?

In this Charlotte, N.C., Public Radio talk show episode,  three Charlotte aging-services experts and I discuss how cities can better meet the needs of their growing elder populations. I describe Portland, Oregon's participation in the World Health Organization's Age-Friendly Cities & Communities program and urge Charlotte to participate in it as well.