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Recommended Resources

        Websites This nonprofit organization promotes creative, innovative solutions to social problems that can be gleaned from the “growing and renewable resource” comprised of adults ages 50 and older. 

Generations United:
This organization’s mission “is to improve the lives of children, youth, and older people through intergenerational collaboration, public policies, and programs for the enduring benefit of all.”

Old School: This clearinghouse of free and carefully vetted resources educates people about ageism and how to help dismantle it.

Radical Age Movement: This national nonprofit based in New York City rejects long-standing misinterpretations of aging and seeks to end these misperceptions and skewed attitudes so that all people can participate productively in areas of cultural, professional, and community life.

Science Daily Healthy Aging News
: Articles summarizing the latest scientific research and developments in health, medicine, technology, the environment, and other topics are gleaned from leading universities, scientific journals, and research organizations.

This Chair Rocks: Pro-aging advocate and author Ashton Applewhite blogs about her anti-ageism perspective; and offers information about her books, upcoming appearances, and videos; and houses a reader-interfacing Q & A site, Yo! Is This Ageist?

       Podcasts/Radio Shows

Age Speaks: This East London Radio program, hosted by social worker and interviewer Mervyn Eastman, explores ways to resist ageism in all its forms and promote co-operative values and principles. 


Experience Talks: This weekly public radio program produced by the nonprofit EngAGE shares the experience of dynamic baby boomers and beyond in a way that communicates across generations.


The Big Middle: From her London studio, journalist and communications consultant Susan Flory interviews worldwide experts about meeting the challenges and savoring the satisfactions of living a longer period of middle age and embracing the years to come.


AARP Livable Communities E-Newsletter: Created for elected officials, planners, municipal staff, place-making pros, local leaders, policy makers, citizen activists and residents, this online newsletter contains a mix of best practices, research, ideas, slideshows, interviews, how-tos and information about age-friendly efforts.


AARP Blogs: This massive collection of blogs covers such areas as policy-making, bodily and brain health, work, caregiving, livable communities and others.


ChangingAging: Founded by world-renowned geriatrician Dr. Bill Thomas and entrepreneur and long-term-care-reform advocate Kavan Petersen, this blog is supported by various contributors from the aging-services sector. 

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