Jeanette Leardi

I am a social gerontologist, writer, editor, and community educator. Communication in all its forms is my passion. I believe that all successful ventures are based on relationship and that successful relationships are based on the clear, intentional sharing of ideas, needs, questions — and answers.

My Mission

Whether as a public speaker, an instructor, or as a writer/editor, my mission is to provide my clients with timely, informative, and motivating research-based customized products and services.

My Values

Integrity is the overarching value that guides all my work. It involves a commitment to

  • clarity
  • creativity
  • honesty
  • responsibility
  • excellence

Whether you need expert writing and/or editing of

  • articles
  • book manuscripts
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • newsletters
  • other marketing materials
  • research papers
  • resumes
  • website content

or you are looking for a skilled one-time presenter and/or ongoing trainer of writing, creativity, marketing, and health maintenance for

  • conference attendees
  • continuing education students
  • corporate employees
  • formal or informal caregivers
  • management teams
  • older adult service providers
  • senior learners

I will deliver the highest-quality, cost-effective services that will make an impact in your professional endeavors.

I look forward to hearing from you and serving your instructional and/or editorial needs.

Contact me if you'd like to know more about my services or to schedule a no-cost consultation.

Want to change people's minds about aging? I can help! To find out how, check out my educational programs on aging and ageism.

And please see my blog posts on aging issues on Dr. Bill Thomas' ChangingAging website.