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Jeanette Leardi


If you’re alive, you’re aging. It’s as simple as that.

Unfortunately, many of us view aging as a scary and/or repulsive process. That’s understandable, considering that we’re bombarded daily with cultural messages telling us that to grow old means to deteriorate and decline. While it’s true that our bodies and minds change with the passage of time, not all of these changes are negative ones. There are some really wonderful assets to getting older. 


And it’s about time everyone hears that story.


Telling that story is my job — and my mission. I am a social gerontologist, writer, editor, community educator, and public speaker. I write provocative articles and give engaging presentations and workshops that change people’s perceptions about age by delivering realistic, hopeful messages about this natural process and by providing individual and group strategies for empowering aging. 

Is your organization or business looking for ways to increase your outreach or market by attracting and engaging an ever-larger older population? Are you exploring age-inclusive plans and policies that will sustain your efforts? Do you simply want to add to your understanding of what it can mean to age well in today’s society?

Let me know how I can best serve your needs. Together, let’s tell a new — and improved — story about aging. 


Want to change people's minds about aging?

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“We were so glad to hear some good news about our brain health and to learn that so many of the things we thought about our brain were myths. I will definitely have her back again and again!” — Jessica W. Bourque, Director of Community Enrichment, Sharon Towers

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